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Why Millennials Love Leasing Cars

August 2, 2018 - tonyhovsepian

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Leasing a car has become more and more popular. Almost one out of every third car driven off the lot is leased. This trend is fueled in large part by millenials who love to lease cars. Millennials lease more than any other age group. While there are many obvious reasons to enjoy leasing like lower monthly payments, lower down payments and in many states lower taxes, for millennials there are even more reasons to lease. Some you may not have even thought of and some that may convince you to start leasing yourself. For the best auto leasing Glendale, head on down to F1 Auto Leasing, one of the best auto leasing companies around.

Always Upgrading Leasing allows you to change cars every couple of years. This makes it a great way to consistently upgrade to something that’s bigger and better or maybe better yet, something with better technology like heated seats and Beats Speakers. A leasing contract usually only lasts about three years which is just about time to get into something different. This makes it appealing to a lot of people especially among tech savvy millennials.

Free Maintenance Many car makers have free maintenance programs on lessees meaning that millennials don’t have to worry about paying to get their cars fixed. Among the car companies who offer these programs are large popular car makers like BMW and Toyota. Knowing that your car can be fixed and matinanced for free is a big weight off many millennial’s shoulders.

No Commitment For a millenial, it can be uncertain what the future holds. While a two-door may be fine for now, a four door SUV may be necessary in just three years time. Leasing a car allows millenials to not have to commit to driving the same car for the next ten years. It allows them to easily customize their car to their specific life circumstances at that time. This is one of the most attractive benefits of leasing a car.

Saves Cash For cash-strapped millennials, leasing can help them to save money. This is because to lease a car you don’t have to put down a lot of money upfront. Oftentimes, dealerships will even have deals that allow you to put zero down. Not having to save up for a big down payment can allow a millenial to get a new car faster and increase cash flow.

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