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How to Get the Best Car Lease

May 1, 2018 - tonyhovsepian

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Figure Out If Auto Leasing Is Right For You While just about one out of every three cars that drive off the lot is leased nowadays, that doesn’t necessarily mean that leasing is right for everyone. If you’re someone who drives a lot, leasing may not be right for you because you typically have to pay a fee for every mile you go over of your lease’s mileage limit. If you happen to be someone who doesn’t particularly drive a lot, leasing could be a great way for you to save money.

Leasing A Car That Holds Value When you are leasing a car, you are paying for the car’s depreciation. Depreciation is the amount of value an asset loses as time goes one. Leasing a car that maintains value means that you will get to pay lower lease payments. Finding a car that maintains value is as easy as checking resale values on a site like Kelley Blue Book. This can give you an idea of the car brands and models that typically hold value well and the ones that don’t. In addition to paying for depreciation, your lease will usually also include interest, tax, and fees. This will vary from car to car and dealer to dealer.

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Find Leasing Specials When a dealership or automaker is having trouble selling a particular car model, they may offer leasing specials. Leasing specials can include a low monthly payment or interest rate. Leasing specials could also include a low down payment. Deals like these can be a great way to save money in the short and long term. You should be sure to look for these when trying to find the best car leases. Oftentimes, pieces of information like this will be available in the newspaper, on a dealership’s website or at the dealership itself.

Look Around Finding the best lease involves perusing many different leases offers as well as comparing different car prices and values. It involves going to different dealerships, looking at different websites and offers to come to a conclusion as to which one is the best choice. Since many people are too busy and may not have time for all this, finding an auto lease broker can help.

What Is An Auto Lease Broker An auto lease broker is a trained professional whose job it is to help you find the best lease. An auto lease broker does not work for any dealership but instead works for you to help you find and understand car leasing. An auto lease broker can help you to understand the sometimes complicated and confusing process of car leasing.

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